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Wallpaper Air Bubbles

Home of the Bubblerepair wallpaper paste syringe kit!

Fix those annoying bubbles and lifting wallpaper edges with ease! All profit goes to charity.
DIY Doctor
Handy guides on how to wallpaper:
My preferred method is via e-bay's charity selling scheme.  I keep a listing going (the lot number varies) so just search on e-bay for "wallpaper paste syringe" or click here to find it under my listings.
I charge 5 + 1.05 P&P for the Bubblerepair kit, which covers my material costs, e-bay seller fees, and leaves a little bit of profit for the charity.
If you don't want to use e-bay, I will accept a cheque from UK buyers so long as you don't mind me waiting for it to clear. Please contact me at the e-mail address below:
Sorry, I don't accept credit card payments outside of ebay, nor do I ship abroad due to the import restrictions which are often in place on medical materials such as syringes and needles.