Fix those annoying bubbles and lifting wallpaper edges with ease! All profit goes to charity.

Wallpaper Air Bubbles

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Does this look familiar?

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Handy guides on how to wallpaper:
The accepted wisdom is to cut crosses in the paper and re-paste, OR try and force some more paste under lifting edges with a thin blade/brush OR use a conventional hypodermic needle/syringe (these don't tend to cope very well with viscous fluids like paste and can block, forcing the needle from its taper and making a bit of a mess).
The Bubblerepair kit is a more elegant solution to the problem and allows you to inject ready mixed wallpaper paste under edges or through small incisions with ease. It is also ready for use whenever you need it around the house, and can be re-filled yourself.
Click on Causes for details on why these problems occur, and Repair! for the solution. 
Even if you follow the best wallpapering guides available, I doubt there is anyone who hasn't had problems with air bubbles and lifting wallpaper seams at some time or another.